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Hem » Climate Call partners with Worldwide Climate and Justice Education Week

Climate Call partners with Worldwide Climate and Justice Education Week

Climate Call (Klimatkoll) is happy to partner with the Worldwide Climate and Justice Education Week (1-8 April 2024), which is a global initiative sparking real dialogue on climate and justice on campuses and in communities around the world. We encourage all teachers, students and educators at schools and universities to make a “pledge to make climate a class”.

This collaboration comes naturally as we at Climate Call work with game based research communication focusing on fun discussions and experiences on climate and sustainability. To everyone new to Climate Call, we were founded by climate scientists and pedagogs in Sweden to reduce the gap between what climate science says and what is commonly perceived. 

We encourage everyone to play Climate Call during this week. Make Climate an Event by inviting your community to play Climate Call (Klimatkoll) at your school, community center, faith institution or at your home. Teachers can Make Climate a Class by ordering Climate Call games and educator guides and playing it with your class. Pledge to Make Climate a Class or Pledge to Make Climate an Event to be listed on the World Wide Climate and Justice education Week – Google My Maps and receive certificates of participation.

You can get access to our card game “Climate Call” by emailing and you can take a tour on our web page to see all the fun teaching material we have created for secondary and high school teachers. To start with however, we recommend this instruction video of the game. There is also the step by step guide to the scientific calculations behind the cards in the game.

The card game and complimenting teaching material was awarded the “Best Environmental Educational Tool” in Estonia by their ministry of education, much thanks to our Estonian partner NGO Mondo. The game currently exists in nine languages: English, Estonian, German, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian and Swedish. Websites in each of these languages are now being created through a project funded by the Swedish Institute and the Nordic Minister of Councils called ETIP (Empowering Teacher, Inspiring Students). 

Climate Call is currently looking for new partners around the globe with whom we could collaborate in projects where we not only create the teaching material and game in your language but also bring it straight to schools and empower teachers so that they can raise awareness among students. For each new country edition our aim is also to adapt the game to given country’s lifestyle and emission factors. If interested, then do not hesitate in contacting us.