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Climate Call is published by Klimatkoll Guldheden AB, Sweden. We develop, produce and distribute different versions of Climate Call, as well as other games. We also create learning materials and activities related to the games, and host seminars and workshops on demand. Our goal is to create engaging educational experiences that inspire discussions about the climate impact of daily activities, by offering effective tools for both teachers and students in the field of sustainable development.

The card game – which is based on a calculation model developed by Stefan Wirsenius at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden – is now available in a total of nine languages. And more versions are on the way: among others, versions for India, Denmark and Finland. In 2023, our game and educational materials won the “Best Environmental Educational Tool” award from the Estonian Ministry of Education.

Check out our team and collaboration partners in Sweden and beyond using the buttons here below. And do not hesitate to drop us an email on if you are interested in collaborating, want to preorder games, or simply want to know more!