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We offer seminars and workshops on demand with the goal of creating fun educational experiences that inspire engagement and conversation about how much different everyday activities affect the climate and other related issues. All events can be conducted online, and given in Swedish or English. Here is a selection of our most popular educational offers. 

climate events for companies and organizations sustainability education

Climate Quiz

      Duration: 15-30 minutes

A quiz that balances hope and seriousness, where participants can test their climate knowledge and compete against their colleagues. A fun and engaging coffee-break activity!

Climate Call Event

    Duration: 1 hour

An interactive workshop in three parts that focuses on creating hope and engagement:
1) Introduction to the climate challenge and the societal changes ahead.
2) We play the game Climate Call together!
3) Joint discussion about what we can do here and now. All participants are involved in the event using the menti web service. 

Play Climate Call

     Duration: 30 minutes

We go through the game idea and rules, and play together in small groups (digitally or with physical cards). The gaming session concludes with a brief reflection and discussion. An engaging and fun part of, for example, a sustainability day or a training session! When purchasing more than 100 card decks, we offer this event at no extra cost!

Customized Training / Workshop

We offer tailor made trainings, workshops and lectures on climate, the environment, and sustainable development, with or without the Climate Call card game as part of the event – fully adapted to your needs! Please contact us for more information!

Are you interested in booking any of the training and events we offer, or want to know more?
Then, please get in touch with us at!


Karl Sterner Isaksson

Kalle (Karl) Sterner Isaksson is the COO of Climate Call (Klimatkoll Guldheden AB) and he believes in playful learning. In his lectures and at events, he uses Climate Call’s dynamic card games and climate quizzes, striking a balance between hope and seriousness to inspire and energize his audience. With a background in filmmaking, including screenwriting, directing, and acting, he presents a story where scientific research and its importance emerge in the background. Kalle believes that people are capable of almost anything, and he aims to awaken the potential in every classroom and team. His use of humor and personal anecdotes makes his presentations both relatable and entertaining.

Kalle has lived in eight different countries and speaks six languages. He is educated in political science and economics, though he prefers to focus on creative storytelling, whether through fiction, screenplays, or lectures. His focus areas are climate, sustainability, energy, and his great new interest; biodiversity.


Erik Sterner

Erik works with climate education and is involved in research and program development at Environment for Development at the University of Gothenburg. In his free time, he enjoys swimming, gaming, and spending time in nature.