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EU average


1 400

kg CO2e


The card refers to the average consumption of food per person in Europe. The emissions have been calculated based on data on intake (how much food is actually eaten), waste (food lost between production and consumption) and climate impact per kg of food produced. The climate impact of an average mixed diet has been calculated by multiplying the total amount of food that needs to be produced by the emission factors per kg of food for all the food that an average person eats in a year. The diet meets nutritional requirements and is based on a research study on the climate impact of different diets (Bryngelsson m. fl. 2016a).

The emission factors for food have been calculated using a calculation model developed by researchers at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden (soon to be published). Waste at the producer, wholesale and consumer levels has been considered. More information on how the wastage factors have been calculated, and which sources they are based on, can be found in chapter S1.2 in Bryngelsson m. fl. (2016b). In cases where food is imported, we have calculated the emissions from import. Emissions from transportation between the store and the consumer are not included, nor are emissions from cooking the food. 

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